There Ain't No Hood Like Motherhood


With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday and the current times we are living in, I have been pondering the role I play in my household a bit.  I walk through the shops and see all of these gifts with retailers advertising for Mother’s Day and promoting the perfect gift for mom.  Quite frankly, I really want them to package me up a solo holiday!  Too big?  Okay, hmmm… I will settle for a ten minute shower alone or maybe a chance to drink my morning coffee while it is still somewhat warm?  A gals gotta have dreams.

In all seriousness, being a mom is a wonderful and rewarding experience with both highs and lows.  And lord knows it is a tough gig!  Who knew that the career title “Mom” would encompass so many other careers that I didn’t even go to university for?  I mean, I am a chef (I cook dinner), I am a wardrobe stylist (I pick out my kids clothes, when they let me), I am a dry cleaner (I launder and iron begrudgingly), a dentist (how many sets of teeth do I clean a day??), a hair stylist (I can braid like a beast – thanks YouTube), a manicurist (TIP: always limit the kids to 2 colors max otherwise they want to use them all!), a lifeguard (pool safety baby), a chauffeur (this in itself can be a full time job), a plumber (I won’t delve into this but you know what I am talking about), a judge (if in doubt- both kids are guilty), a pharmacist (my medicine cabinet could support an entire village), an art curator (my fridge is a masterpiece of modern? art) and now with COVID19 I am also a teacher!  After reading the above to myself, I want a raise, a BIG one.  There will need to be extra kisses and cuddles from the kids since that is our payment currency we deal in.

I recently moved house, I don’t recommend it.  Any who, Juno (my almost 9 year old) is getting to the age where homework is more than coloring a handout sheet that the teacher photocopied.  So I created a little study nook in the house for her to do her work and even bought her a new computer chair to attempt to excite her (trick her) into wanting to do her school work.  This kids computer chair swivels 360 degrees, thank you Ikea.  Juno decides it would be fun to spin her four year old brother, Marvel, around..and around..and around.  Being the big older sister, when he asks her to stop spinning the chair, she doesn’t - she spins it faster.   Marvel comes running out to me and says: “momma my tummy…BLAHHHHHHH”.  Not once, not twice, but three times does my son throws up all over me.  It was right after a full glass of milk too.  Like I said, there ain't no hood like motherhood.   

With that said, I hope each and every one of you amazing women have a much deserved day of love, relaxation and appreciation.  You are a multi hat wearing super nova and you are recognized for all that you do by all of us moms around the world!

❤️ Jody



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