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Baby Disposable Nappy Bags | CITRUS TWIST Scented - 6 Roll Refill Pack


• EXACTLY THE RIGHT SIZE: Never run out of nappy poop bags! Our handy 6 rolls nappy disposal refill pack contains 90 individual bags. Each bag is 9" x 13", large enough for 3-4 dirty nappies, wet clothing, pets messes, food debris or anything else really. With an adorable white stencil design on each tan go bag, they are a must have baby essential item. These small nappy bags pair perfectly with our award winning Moodie teddy bear bag dispenser with silicon strap.

 LEAK PROOF & STRONG:  You don't have to worry about these baby nappy sacks ripping. Our heavy-duty bag refills are solid, durable and sanitary. Custom designed with extra-strong degradable plastic and tear-resistant seams, you can be at ease knowing your babies excrement and stinky odors will stay contained. Go and have those long strolls and play dates with your bebe, just be sure to pack your Moodie nappy dispenser bags!

• CITRUS SCENTED WITH NATURAL OILS: Our citrus scented nappy disposal bags are ideal for parents who like a fresh fragrance. Using only natural essential oils of orange peel, lemon, lime, red grapefruit and mandarin, you don't have to worry about potentially unfriendly substances included in the materials used. Our bags not only help minimize odors for nappy changing, they can also be used as small garbage pail liners too. 

• EASY TO OPEN: Each nappy disposal bag roll has a convenient sticker adhered on outer bag seam for easy open and loading into your dispenser. The top and bottom edges are serrated for easy tearing without damaging the next bag on the roll. Our rolls carry 15 individual bags that's 3 more than our 12 per roll competitors! Our 15 count refill roll fits most standard baby & pet waste bag dispensers, so no need to buy a new dispenser, though when you see our adorable and award winning Moodie teddy bear dispenser (with detachable silicon strap) you will be tempted!

 PERFECT FOR HOME AND TRAVEL - Our mini nappy bag dispenser and bags are two of the must have baby essential items for parents and expecting moms.  For both home and travel usage, these are not just for baby nappies! Put your childs wet clothing, pets messes, food debris or anything else really inside our disposable trash sacks for leak-proof travel on the go.  Use at home as small pail refill bags in your nursery or as a liner in your bathroom garbage pail.  Paired with our Teddy Bear dispenser, it is the perfect gift under $25 that won't break the bank but will make a statement!

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